Accounting Service

This service is channeled basically to the SME clients that cannot afford to engage an accountant but need to keep its books in line with the requirement of relevant laws and for business growth evaluation. We maintain accounting database for all our clients in this category and we deliver monthly reports for critical business decisions. […]


Because of our vast experience and practical approach to client services, we help interested organizations recruit the best hands in accounting, tax and other support services.  


This department is an independent arm of the firm saddled with the responsibility to research especially in the area of providing solutions to predefined problems. Within this department, we have highly skilled and talented professionals that cut across programmers, financial consultants and professional chartered accountants with years of experience. Let us know your challenge, we […]

Audit and Assurance

As registered Chartered Accountants and member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria, we act as Statutory Auditors to companies operating in Nigeria and render such reports and financial statements as required to the company. Our audit engagements are executed in compliance with International Financial Reporting Standard and we employ competent hands in the […]

Tax Management

Taxes can be categorized into two; Corporate Income Tax and Personal Income Tax. These are administered by these tax Authorities: 1. Federal Inland Revenue Services – Corporate taxes 2. States Board of Internal Revenue – Personal Income Tax Company Income Taxes Company Income Taxes in Nigeria have various Acts of Parliament giving effect to them. […]